Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BYU Research Outlines

Here is a PDF compilation of several research guides and outlines for researching Japanese family history:

I am excited to go through them and glean some new information.

Starting on page 24 of this PDF is a copy of a pamphlet printed in Japanese entitled 日本の戸籍, or Japan's Family Registries. I have a hard copy of this pamphlet that I purchased at the Church distribution center in Tokyo and attempted to read at the time. It looks like it could be a pretty helpful resource, but I must admit that my reading skills are such that I am kind of intimidated by it. However, if I can't find an English translation of the booklet, I hope to do it myself. I think it will be worth the time both so that others can benefit from the information and so that I can go back and reference it without having to rack my brain trying to read it again.

Also, I'm planning on scanning the records I have collected so far so that I'll have digital copies, and I'm going to try to post some tutorials on how to glean information from these records - again for my benefit and the benefit of anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog.

I'm hoping that by posting these goals, I'll actually do them =).

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